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Honey Pot is Adelaide Fringe’s internationally recognised arts marketplace, providing a dynamic matchmaking service for Artists and Industry Delegates. Lead by Fringe artists at all stages of development, Honey Pot is firmly immersed in the vibrant summer Festival season in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our marketplace provides an outstanding contribution as a performing arts connector between the artists and their projects and the diverse range of attending international delegates who travel to Adelaide.

Honey Pot Artists are able to showcase their work in its entirety and connect with over 200 industry delegates.

Participating in the Honey Pot program provides the opportunity to start new conversations, develop and continue professional relationships, and form lasting connections. 

Outcomes often exceed expectations when new works, artists and ideas are explored in a spirit of openness and discovery.  Connections established via the Honey Pot experience provides pathways for future programming and producing throughout Australia and around the world.

Honey Pot embraces and engages the creative and diverse talent that descends upon South Australia’s world renowned summer festival scene and weaves it into the ecology of our industry programmers. Our marketplace is informal, yet structured and accessible. It continues to generate hundreds of opportunities.

Honey Pot Outcomes

Our international marketplace generates future bookings and programming opportunities for Fringe artists. The number of shows that have gone on to be programmed in Australia and around the world as a direct result of the Honey Pot program continues to grow year after year.

Graph of Deals Done at Honey Pot


For further information please contact the Marketplace Manager, Andy Beecroft via email at

Header Image Credit - Trentino Priori