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Fringe Opening Night Video 2009


Fringe Family Weekend 2009


2009 Winner – David Blaiklock


The 2009 Adelaide Fringe poster competition was taken out by David Blaiklock, a UniSA Illustration and Design lecturer. The idea behind the poster was about finding your ‘inner voice’ and what better way to do that than with the Adelaide Fringe!


What is you creative background (current)?
My ‘creative background’ is as a designer, illustrator and artist. I have been practicing in these areas for 18 years and am currently lecturing at The University of South Australia in the School of Art, Architecture and Design. I am the course coordinator of Illustration Design within the Visual communication program. My business, Ekaada Art & Design which I run with my partner, specialises in Illustration commissions and also undertakes design and art projects.

Visit my lecturer homepage and the course that I teach. My professional work and portfolio can be viewed online at:

What was your creative background (at the time of winning the competition)
As above

Why did you decide to enter the competition?
The Fringe is my favourite Adelaide Festival and I have always dreamed of winning the Fringe Poster competition since I first saw one of the festival posters as a Design student. I can recall the year, 1992, and remember I first saw the poster at Al Fresco Café on Rundle St.


How did you come up with your winning design?
My winning design was developed from an idea that I recorded in my most recent ‘art/idea’ journal.
I completed a series of small thumbnail drawings that explored the idea of the inner voice, a representation of the inner self that is expressive, brash, bold and colourful. I have been doing these types of small figurative thumbnail figures for sometime now, they help me to quickly examine and record an idea.

I thought this particular concept and image would be great as a Fringe poster because the Adelaide Fringe is to me, an expression of Adelaide’s inner self. I see Adelaide as normally quiet and reserved, the Fringe is a time when Adelaide comes alive, is expressive and celebrates artistic diversity.

Where did you look for inspiration?
I have kept these ‘art/idea’ journals / visual diaries since finishing my studies in 1992. Artist, Margie Hooper, a teacher of mine had a great influence on me and always encouraged the use of these journals to develop as an artist. The work within my journals is always based on visual ideas, drawing practice and visual experiments which I am doing all of the time. My journals act as a database of ideas and experiments that I can gain inspiration from at anytime.

Had you entered the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition before?
I have entered the competition about 5-6 times over the past 10 years.

What did winning the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition do for you/ your career?
Winning the Adelaide Fringe poster has enhanced my profile and reputation as a designer, illustrator and artist within the community. It also helped to inspire some of my illustration students at the University of South Australia by seeing their teacher’s work gain a high level of public recognition.

What was it like to be in Adelaide with the streets plastered in your image?
I was very excited to see the image absolutely everywhere. I found it very intriguing and was delighted to see how well it worked within so many settings, as a poster should. I even took and gathered as many photos of the poster in different settings as I could and started a group on Facebook called, ‘Spot the Adelaide 2009 Fringe Poster’, where anyone can see them. There are even photos of the poster on the Great Wall of China.



Do you have any advice for people entering this year?
Make sure that you have a strong and clear idea of what your poster is depicting and ensure that your design can be extended beyond the poster format. The poster is the catalyst for the Adelaide Fringe event; it becomes the image of the Fringe, which must be conveyed on and through a variety of media, formats and merchandise.

What is your favourite past Adelaide Fringe poster? (not including your own)
My favourite past Adelaide Fringe poster is definitely the 1992 poster.

2009 Adelaide Fringe Television Commercial


The 2009 Adelaide Fringe TVC featured the two characters of the poster trying to get the attention of a couple of passerbys. Literally taking apart the walls, this is a great example of just how far the poster design can be stretched. This won the Adelaide Art Directors’ Club Award for Direction and Visual Effects. Designed by Resin.

2009 Design Applications


The 2009 Adelaide Fringe Poster design incorporated two main elements. The Adelaide Fringe 2009 Logo and the Mohawk man with loudspeaker. Each of the elements were adapted for Fringe merchandise including Men’s, Women’s and Children’s t-shirts.


The Adelaide Fringe also produces a limited edition Crumpler bags, buttons, caps and stubby holders.


The Adelaide Fringe poster image was also used to announce the arrival of the Fringe with street banners across Hindley, Rundle and Gouger Streets. Banners were also used on Adelaide Fringe venues and to promote Fringe events in Rymill Park.



Please note:  All applications are designed and produced by the Adelaide Fringe. It is not the responsibility of the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition winner.

2009 Adelaide Fringe Photos


Adelaide Fringe 2009 saw the return of the Fringe Parade. Over 80,000 people lined the streets to see thousands of artists, community groups and the general public herald in the second annual Fringe!



Space was at a premium at Rymill Park during Adelaide Fringe 2009 Opening Night.

Opening Night Walkway

The Buskers entertained crowds in the specially built arena in Rymill Park.

Buskers 2009

Yes, everyone can be a part of a Fringe show. We’re open access!


The Snuff Puppets Giant Snail was a crowd favourite at the Fringe Family Weekend.


Did we mention that the Fringe takes over the streets?


Children having a blast at the Fringe Family Weekend.

Family Weekend 2009

Unsuspecting punters took part in a Flash Mob project as part of Adelaide Fringe 2009.

FlashMob 2009

Hundreds of flashmobbers listened to their ipods as they opened umbrellas, had thumb wars and hit each other with balloons.

FlashMob 2009 with Umbrellas

For the second year, the Adelaide Fringe headed to Port Augusta to put on Desert Fringe, featuring Warren Milera and Band with Bronwyn Stuart.

Desert Fringe in Port Augusta

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2009 Adelaide Fringe

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2009 Fringe Poster

The 2009 Fringe Poster was designed by local illustrator David Blaiklock.
The Poster featured an etched fella with a buzzing mohawk.
Christie Anthoney, Fringe Director said, “When I first saw David’s illustration it struck me as a strong, simple and strikingly beautiful image. It says heaps about the Adelaide Fringe which gives everyone the opportunity to release the artist within. The Fringe makes it possible for anyone’s artistic voices to be shouted LOUD and David’s image captures this in a compelling way.”
Read all about David Blaiklock, 2009 Poster Winner.