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2008 Winner – Hat Morgan


Hat Morgan, a visual communications student at the time, won the 2008 Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition with her babushka’s with exploding heads. A very versatile image, it translated well for all types of design applications.

Hat Morgan

Creative Background (current)
I am based in Sydney, working as a freelance designer.

Creative Background (at the time of winning the competition)
I was in my final semester of a Visual Communications degree at the University of South Australia.

Why did you decide to enter the competition?
I designed the poster as part of a uni assignment. I figured that I’d gone as far as getting it printed to the required size; I may as well enter the competition!

How did you come up with your winning design?
During my final year at uni, I kept a visual journal – a scrap book of images, wrapping paper and colour combinations that I loved. When designing the poster, I immediately turned to these journals. I trawled through them, making a collection of ‘fringey’ things. A couple of images were real stand outs, so I played around with them for a while, blowing them up on the photocopier and cutting and pasting them down to create my crazy little babushka dolls.

Meow Meow at the Poster Launch

Where did you look for inspiration?
As well as my journals, I researched event posters – not just for the fringe, but for music festivals, art exhibitions and other big events. I found that the best posters, well, the posters that I thought were most successful, had a clean, iconic image and weren’t too cluttered, so I worked towards creating something like that.

Had you entered the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition before?
No. I’d heard alot about it though and had contemplating entering a couple of times.

What did winning the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition do for you/ your career?
It obviously gave me some great exposure – a perfect way to enter the design industry!

What was it like to be in Adelaide with the streets plastered in your image?
It was pretty incredible. I actually put off moving to Sydney by one month, just so I could stick around Adelaide and soak it all in. The coolest thing for me was seeing my little characters animated on tv.




Do you have any advice for people entering this year?
Have fun! Don’t try and please other people with your poster. Just make something that you think is impressive.

What is your favourite past Adelaide Fringe poster? (Not including your own)
The 2007 Adelaide Fringe Poster-  The pork chopper.

Hat Morgan and Christie Anthoney

2008 Adelaide Fringe Television Commercial


A bit more subtle than the 2007 Adelaide Fringe TVC, the 2008 TVC featured a babushka peeking out from around corners. The 2008 Adelaide Fringe Opening Night had an amazing line up including the Presets and I Heart Hiroshima, which was considered to be worth making a song and dance about. Designed by Resin.

2008 Design Applications


The 2008 Adelaide Fringe Poster design involved two babushkas with heads exploding with excitement. Nicknamed Kenny by the Fringe staff, the smaller babushka doll was applied to wide range of merchandise including Men’s, Women’s and Children’s t-shirts.


The Adelaide Fringe also produced a Crumpler Bag, cap, buttons and stubby holders with the image.


As well as the wide variety of print materials including the Fringe guide and post cards the Adelaide Fringe also produced desktop wallpapers and screensavers for the general public to download. The babushkas also worked well for Fringe Family Weekend signage.

Fringe Family Weekend 2008

Please note:  All applications are designed and produced by the Adelaide Fringe. It is not the responsibility of the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition winner.

2008 Adelaide Fringe Photos


A picture tells a thousand words and so these pics are to show you around the 2008 Adelaide Fringe!
However we don’t have any pictures of the record breaking Heat Wave that happened during Fringe time. If you do, upload your pics at:

Fringe Factory

Below: The 2008 Adelaide Fringe Opening Night Street Party, Rundle St was packed!

Rundle St Crowd

The Presets played to a capacity crowd of around 60,000 happy punters.

Opening Night 2008

Chilling out at the Bang Bang Bar, Adelaide Fringe Opening Night 2008.

Bang Bang Bar @ Opening Night

Adelaide Fringe hosted the Adelaide International Buskers Festival. The English Gents (below) took out the audience prize.

Buskers 2007

Also featuring at the Buskers Festival was SK8CRCS “A Skateboard Circus”.

Buskers on Rundle St

And the zinesters were back, taking over the Fringe Factory Theatres.

Zine Fair 2008

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2008 Adelaide Fringe

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The 2008 Poster was designed by Hat Morgan.
Two cheeky babushka dolls are the lead characters in the 2008 Fringe poster. One is holding a wad of Fringe tickets and her head is exploding with Fringe excitement, the other is a little character with large pink glasses eager to see the Fringe for the first time.
“We loved the idea of the Fringe being a mind-blowing experience (literally in this case!) Hat’s characters are cheeky, emotive and a little off the wall, all traits that feature strongly in the Fringe,” said Fringe Director, Christie Anthoney.
Hat Morgan, a 24 year old visual communications student at University of South Australia, said “I loved the opportunity to submit a poster design for the Fringe, an event that I have been going to for as long as I can remember!”
Read all about Hat Morgan, 2008 Poster Winner.