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2007 Winner – Ryan Stephens


For the first annual Adelaide Fringe, Ryan Stephens won the 2007 Poster Competition with his graphic illustration of a flying pig, alternatively known as the ‘Pork Chopper’. The poster launch was held at the old Balfours Pie Factory on Morphett Street which inspired a theme of bakers and baked goods.

Christie Anthoney and Ryan Stephens

What is your creative background?
Currently senior graphic designer at Mango Chutney. I also do some design and web stuff freelance.

What was your creative background (at the time of winning the competition)?
Graphic designer at Mango Chutney.

Why did you decide to enter the competition?
I think my Dad reminded me it was coming up. I had been doing a lot of commercial work at the time and thought this would be a real creative outlet to do whatever I wanted. It wasn’t so much about trying to win a competition but was more about me coming up with something that was fun to make, let me experiment with some different techniques and that ultimately I was happy with.

How did you come up with your winning design?
I went through the usual design process – I read the brief many times. For 2007 the brief also included a song component so I listened to that repeatedly. I find a lot of inspiration in music and this helped me get a feeling for the tone I wanted to set for the poster. Then I did a bit of research about the Fringe and how it connects with Adelaide. I think I came up with the actual concept of ‘pigs might fly’ while I was in the shower, which I find is a great place for coming up with ideas.

The actual artwork took me a weekend to make but Id probably spent a good 3-4 weeks before hand thinking about it, sketching ideas and taking photos.


Where did you look for inspiration?
I find inspiration all over the place, often its something random I see when Im out. I also find books, blogs, art, magazines, music, architecture, nature and working with other designers inspiring too.

Had you entered the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition before?
No, this was the first time I had entered the competition (maybe it was beginners luck).

What did winning the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition do for you/ your career?
It was a real confidence boost for me. I had put a lot of myself in my poster and having it being chosen really validated what I do and what I am capable of.

Career wise its given me some credibility. Its also introduced me to the wonderful people at the Fringe who get me to work on their website and other bits and pieces.

I’m always surprised how well people remember the past Fringe posters. I dont think many other events in Adelaide have such a lasting impression as the Fringe.

It also looks great in my portfolio.

Winner - Ryan Stephens

What was it like to be in Adelaide with the streets plastered in your image?
It was surreal seeing this image that I’d created probably six moths before suddenly pop up everywhere at once. I remember seeing the TV ad for the first time and thinking “Hey, I did that!” It was quite a buzz.

Do you have any advice for people entering this year?
I think coming up with a strong idea is the most important thing. And be bold!

2007 Poster Launch

What is your favourite past Adelaide Fringe poster? (not including your own)
I really liked the 2009 Fringe Poster. I thought the orange really stood out and the texture and quality of the illustration captured what the Fringe is all about. Its was also translated well to the website.


2007 Adelaide Fringe Television Commercial


The 2007 Adelaide Fringe Television Commercial featured artists which were part of the program. The idea was that the Fringe was taking over the streets of Adelaide and it utilised a lot of street footage in a 3-D format. Designed by Resin.

2007 Adelaide Fringe Photos


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Movin’ Melvin Brown, still kickin’, still tappin’ and still singin’!


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Adelaide Fringe 2007 Opening Night Party featuring salsa dancers.


Showcasing the wonderful weather we have in Adelaide during Fringe time, we believe this is comedian Mark Trenwith.


The 2007 Opening Night Concert rocked out with Kid Confucius, Infusion, DJ Sveta and Track Team.


Adelaide Fringe 2007 saw the start of the Fringe Zine Fair.


Just chilling with the pork chopper down in Fringe Alley.


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2007 Design Applications


For the first annual Adelaide Fringe in 2007, a wide variety of merchandise was created. This included t-shirts that allowed everyone to show their love for the Fringe.


See some street applications of the 2007 Adelaide Fringe poster including a FringeTix sign and street banner across Gouger Street.



Please note:  All applications are designed and produced by the Adelaide Fringe. It is not the responsibility of the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition winner.

2007 Adelaide Fringe

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The 2007 Adelaide Fringe Poster was designed by Ryan Stephens.
Ryan Stephens, a 26 year old Adelaide born graphic designer, was unanimously voted the winner in 2007. The inspiration for the image came from the much loved pig sculptures situated in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall.  Stephens said, “Creating a poster for the Fringe competition was the perfect opportunity to do something a bit crazy and less corporate.” “Ryan Stephen’s image captured the judges’ attention from the moment we saw it, I was taken with the cheekiness of the image straight away.  The concept, detail and originality are to be commended – all the imagery is original photography and artwork”, said Christie Anthony Fringe Director.
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