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Artist and Venue Registrations for Adelaide Fringe 2010 have now closed

If you missed out for this year, you’ll have to wait until July/ August 2010 for the registrations to open for 2011.
However, that doesn’t mean you should be waiting around and twiddling your thumbs.

Hints and tips if you planning on taking part in Adelaide Fringe 2011:

- See as MANY Fringe 2010 Events as possible. The Fringe Guide will be launched on Saturday January 9, 2010.

- Check out a stack of venues during the Fringe. See how/ where the events are held – how many seats are there, would your staging requirements fit in the venue and begin to make enquiries. (Maybe after Fringe time… for some reason they may be a little bit busy until after March 2010)

- If you’re a venue operator or want to run a venue yourself, see how the programming works at various venues. Are people sticking around after a show? Is there a place for them to buy a drink and relax or do they just want to leave? Why do you think they want to leave?

- And if you just really want to be a part of the action why not volunteer with Adelaide Fringe? We’re always looking for people to assist on all types of events and Fringey things. Best of all, you’ll receive a volunteer pass that means you have the chance to mingle with artists, Fringe staff and other venues! Volunteer registrations will open early November 2009.

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