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An Ode to Charlie_Angel Fringe 2010


February 19th the Fringe was in full swing,

I registered for fringe talk, my four week little fling.

It all began with ‘luck’ in a random twist of fate,

Then I saw a ‘little grey wolf ‘in the Garden very late!

I had ‘Heroin(e) for Breakfast’ It really blew my mind.

So bloody friggin brilliant, I would go a second time.

The circus tricked and teased me – got my friends up on the stage,

Then I got sexy with the ‘HOTTEST MAMA’ of the roaring twenties age.

In cyber space we travelled with,

It really made me question, where did we go wrong?

3D is just so hot right now! ‘Experimentia’ was thrilling,

The images were haunting, dark and rather chilling.

‘In almost an evening’ the comedy turned black,

Accidental Productions gave us ‘Umbrellas’ and a Mac.

They gave a great performance and a little naughty flash,

Later ‘Die Rotten Punkte’ rocked in German – high on hash.

Then we ‘looked into the darkness’ and weren’t all that impressed,

Despite the best of efforts, the writing was a mess.

What came next -just freaked me out – Is he a medium for real?

Those ‘Six impossible things’ before a hearty meal.

Nida brought the ‘Sex Wars’ – this was way outside the box

But absolutely loved it, all three really rocked.

‘Antigone’ was dismal, with dildos and no story,

God knows what they were thinking with all that morning glory!

Can’t believe I sat through two of ‘Renegades’ renditions,

I’m surprised they weren’t evicted with banners and petitions.

Guy Masterson restored my faith that things would soon look brighter,

first came ‘Under Milkwood’ a one man wonder and reciter.

‘Scaramouche’ just broke my heart into seven tiny pieces,

I cried and cried and cried, sometimes we just need those releases.

‘Bully’ hit me hard and fast from every single corner,

His story sucked me in, I felt like I was now the mourner.

‘Rhinoceros’ was so absurd but wonderful to watch.

‘Weights’ just made me realise excuses aren’t a crutch.

Then I fell in love with Shakespeare, again and again and again,

with a little bit cello, cheese and some champagne.

The ‘Removalist ‘took me into a darker, bleaker space,

But it was ‘52 pickup’ that got the smile back on my face.

To finish where I started my head is in a spin.

‘Heroin(e) for breakfast’ has been the most amazing thing!

I know that now it’s over I will be a little blue,

With ‘Amococo’ and the ‘garden’ gone, I’ll be lost for what to do!

So now it’s back to saving dollars, to fund my fringe addiction,

Next year I’ll see seven hundred things -why bother with restriction?

Regards Charlie P.S Next year the poem might be a bloody epic!

An Adelaide Fringe 2010  inspired poem by one of our avid Fringe fanatics.
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Ten Things You Didn’t Know about the Fringe



  1. The ‘Fringe’ began as a movement of artists who performed and operated outside the main festival program but during the Festival’s time frame right from the beginning of the First Festival in 1960
  2. The first independently organsied Focus (Fringe)Festival was held in 1976 after the incorporation of Focus Inc in 1975.
  3. In the 1978 FOCUS Festival  Busking was allowed for the first time.
  4. The 1980 Fringe Festival saw the First Fringe Awards being made- The Advertiser announced it would make a special award to a Focus (Fringe) production each week of the Festival
  5. In 1988 for the first time the Fringe operated a rock music circuit with some of the best-known names in Australian and overseas music
  6. In 1992 Focus: Adelaide Festival Fringe – adopted and incorporated a new name – Adelaide Fringe and a new rationale – to broaden the role of the organisation.
  7. Also at the 1992 Fringe, Bob Dylan snuck through the back entrance of the Star Club, past a temporary Fringe toilet block, to see the well known group ‘Stomp.’
  8. In 1994 more than 3000 performers from around Australia and the world presented work at this Fringe
  9. Fringe 2000 had the biggest program ever but also the most culturally and creatively diverse.
  10. In 2006 it was announced was that the Fringe would  become annual.

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