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Adelaide Fringe Posters

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Did you love the 2010 Poster? Buy it for your wall!

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Fringe-2010-Poster-A3If you loved the 2010 Adelaide Fringe poster as much as we did, you can now purchase an extra large poster for your home! Sized at 1175mm wide x 1775mm high – these large posters are $50.
Just perfect for the pool room…

If you’re interested give us a call 8100 2000 or email

2010 Adelaide Fringe

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by David Capriotti

by David Capriotti

While studying at Croyden TAFE SA David Capriotti became a regular competition entrant as it presented an extra opportunity to experiment with different mediums. More importantly his entries always became talking points in his growing design portfolio.

After graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design back in 2007 David began his professional career with Adelaide based agency THEM Communications, Advertising and Design.

He really enjoys working in the advertising and graphic design industry and can’t wait for his design to start taking over the streets of Adelaide.

David was a former pupil of Unley High and has always been interested in graphic design and advertising. He has a particular passion for stencil art which forms the basis of the 2010 Adelaide Fringe poster.

2009 Adelaide Fringe

20 Vote

2009 Fringe Poster

The 2009 Fringe Poster was designed by local illustrator David Blaiklock.
The Poster featured an etched fella with a buzzing mohawk.
Christie Anthoney, Fringe Director said, “When I first saw David’s illustration it struck me as a strong, simple and strikingly beautiful image. It says heaps about the Adelaide Fringe which gives everyone the opportunity to release the artist within. The Fringe makes it possible for anyone’s artistic voices to be shouted LOUD and David’s image captures this in a compelling way.”
Read all about David Blaiklock, 2009 Poster Winner.

2008 Adelaide Fringe

12 Vote


The 2008 Poster was designed by Hat Morgan.
Two cheeky babushka dolls are the lead characters in the 2008 Fringe poster. One is holding a wad of Fringe tickets and her head is exploding with Fringe excitement, the other is a little character with large pink glasses eager to see the Fringe for the first time.
“We loved the idea of the Fringe being a mind-blowing experience (literally in this case!) Hat’s characters are cheeky, emotive and a little off the wall, all traits that feature strongly in the Fringe,” said Fringe Director, Christie Anthoney.
Hat Morgan, a 24 year old visual communications student at University of South Australia, said “I loved the opportunity to submit a poster design for the Fringe, an event that I have been going to for as long as I can remember!”
Read all about Hat Morgan, 2008 Poster Winner.

2007 Adelaide Fringe

18 Vote


The 2007 Adelaide Fringe Poster was designed by Ryan Stephens.
Ryan Stephens, a 26 year old Adelaide born graphic designer, was unanimously voted the winner in 2007. The inspiration for the image came from the much loved pig sculptures situated in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall.  Stephens said, “Creating a poster for the Fringe competition was the perfect opportunity to do something a bit crazy and less corporate.” “Ryan Stephen’s image captured the judges’ attention from the moment we saw it, I was taken with the cheekiness of the image straight away.  The concept, detail and originality are to be commended – all the imagery is original photography and artwork”, said Christie Anthony Fringe Director.
Read all about Ryan Stephens, 2007 Poster winner.

2006 Adelaide Fringe

20 Vote

2006 Fringe Poster

The 2006 Adelaide Fringe Poster was designed by Robert Tiley.
The Poster , the fusion of the internationally recognised Japanese symbol of peace, the paper crane, and the designs of previous Adelaide Fringe posters, gives strong, direct and powerful emotive expression to the vision of Adelaide Fringe 2006 and its mission beyond next year – driving the creative capacity of people to engage in a constant process of exciting, confident, vigorous cultural renewal.

2004 Adelaide Fringe

8 Vote

2004 Adelaide Fringe

The 2004 Adelaide Fringe Poster was designed by Nick Boyce.
At the time the then 25 year old was a graphic designer with design group Triplezero.  In his spare time Nick works on a web design portal he created, called Anarchitect and in the hours when he should be sleeping, he designs various products and books. “Nick’s poster was chosen for several reasons, first off it fulfilled the brief; Atmosphere electric in a city transformed but primarily it was a response to the outburst of passion and excitement that drew us to it.  It was full of life and energy; and it radiated optimism”, said Karen Hadfield, Adelaide Fringe 2004 Artistic Director.

2002 Adelaide Fringe

9 Vote

2002 Fringe Poster

The 2002 Adelaide Poster winner was Luke Scholes.
The then twenty-five year old Luke Scholes was a freelance graphic designer. He had been a lecturer in graphic design at the Northern Territory University and had relocated to Sydney. Luke’s design  was chosen for three reasons: it was a really joyful and celebratory image, it was accessible to everyone from three year olds to ninety year olds and finally because it fit perfectly into the Necessity is the Mother of Invention and Analogue vs Digital themes for Adelaide Fringe 2002.

2000 Adelaide Fringe

4 Vote

2000 Fringe Poster

The 2000 Adelaide Fringe was held from 25 February to 19 March.
The Fringe 2000 poster was designed by Joel Catchlove.
Fringe 2000 was “about independence, freedom and fun”, it was dedicated to Fringe Patron Don Dunstan. His alternative vision of social justice and cultural diversity for South Australia lives on in this festival.

1998 Adelaide Fringe

4 Vote


The 1998 Adelaide Fringe was held from 20 February to 15 March 1998.
The 1998 poster was designed by Glen McClean and David Sinclair.
Fringe 1998 was billed as the most extraordinary event yet!
The Opening Night Street Parade was held on Friday 20 February on Rundle Street. The Fringe Parade began the 1998 Fringe with the largest craziest parade ever to take to the streets of Adelaide.

1996 Adelaide Fringe

7 Vote

1996 Fringe Poster

The 1996 Adelaide Fringe ran from 23 February – 17 March.
The 1996 poster was designed by Wayne Cunningham.
The focus of the Fringe, for the first time, was around the city’s East End. Right next to the East Parklands and only a short stroll from some of Adelaide’s most famous landmarks and tourist attractions.

1994 Adelaide Fringe

3 Vote

1994 Fringe Poster

The 1994 Adelaide Fringe was held from 18 February – 13 March.
The distinctive poster was designed by Mr Glen McClean, 31, a final-year design student at the University of South Australia. His design was chosen from 394 entries from throughout Australia in The Advertiser/Fringe poster competition. The official Adelaide Fringe Festival poster was unveiled in a splash-up affair which attracted such dubious characters as sporting guru H.G. Nelson and ‘comic terrorist” Rod Quantock.

1992 Adelaide Fringe

6 Vote

1992 Fringe Poster

1992 Adelaide Fringe Festival ran from February 21 – March 22.
The 1992 Fringe poster was designed by Kirstin Wallace.
The period 1992-93 was one of tremendous change for Focus: Adelaide Festival Fringe. The organisation moved to adopt a new name – Adelaide Fringe; a new rationale – to broaden the role of the organisation; and produced the most successful Fringe Festival in its 32 year history.

1990 Adelaide Fringe

0 Vote

1990 Fringe Poster

The 1990 Fringe Poster was designed by Driller Jet Armstrong.
Driller’s poster, in the spirit of friendly competition, takes a tongue in cheek dig at its high culture Adelaide Festival equivalent by elevating the classical renaissance imagery into cherry Fringe going Cupids and party going Gods and Angels.
Driller, an ex-policeman launched himself into the art world in 1983. Since then he has exhibited work in Adelaide and interstate.
In 1988, Driller exhibited a sell out show at the Living Arts Centre and was commissioned to bring the Fringe to the east end by painting the distinctive Mural on the corner of Frome Road and Rundle Street.

1988 Adelaide Fringe

0 Vote

1988 Fringe Poster

The 1988 Poster was designed by up and coming Adelaide artist Bronwyn Platten.
The design features a brightly colored, primitive image wearing a bright yellow skirt which balloons out, and had “FRINGE” written across it.
Bronwyn’s design was selected from about 80 entries. The prize was $1000 worth of art materials. Bronwyn planned to use her prize for her Festival Exhibition.

1986 Adelaide Fringe

2 Vote

1986 Fringe Poster

The 1986 Adelaide Fringe Poster was designed by Adrian Adams.
There wasn’t one single Poster for 1986 but a series of six, each one sporting a letter. As Jason Daniel – Arts Editor for The News stated, “You can put them together to spell F-R-I-N-G-E or G-R-I-N or F-I-N-G-E-R or whatever.” Adrian Adams,  a graphic designer who specialised in design for theatre said, “The six poster concept was more versatile since the individual letters worked on their own ands the series had great impact.”

1984 Adelaide Fringe

2 Vote


The 1984 Adelaide Fringe ran from February 24 – March 18.
The 1984 Poster was designed by Michael Atchison.
Michael, the very well known and loved The Advertiser cartoonist depicts in the poster a plasticine cornucopia of performers bursting through the Adelaide Festival poster, like footballers through a paper banner, to remind people that ‘there are two attractions’ in Adelaide in February and March.

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