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The Fringe Needs Venue Space

Do you own and/or operate a pub, club, studio, theatre, gallery, restaurant, cafe, prominent workspace, dilapidated disused building, shipping container or sizeable garden shed?

Then you could participate in the 2011 Adelaide Fringe by registering your venue for next year’s festival.

It seems like only yesterday that we were picking ‘Corn Star’ kernals out of our teeth and holding our sides in after a night of laughs at the Bosco Theatre, but preparations for next year’s Fringe Festival are already underway. First things first; the festival organisers need a good spread of venues in which to host the weird and whacky events already being planned in 2011. And with the bizarre venues chosen at this year’s Fringe, if you own four walls and an elevated stage, you could be hosting your very own Fringe venue next year.

Some of the more left-of-centre venues at this year’s festival included the disused laneway off Grenfell Street that was triumphantly converted into Arcade Lane and subsequently judged the best venue of 2010, an artist’s garage that was transformed into an exhibition space, a 44-seat bus used to host a travelling show about op shopping, and a shipping container in which a dance show took place. The possibilities are literally endless.

So if you’re keen on contributing to Adelaide’s unique and iconic Fringe Festival, you can find out all you need to know here or contact

Meet new Fringe Director Greg Clarke…

Meet new Fringe Director Greg Clarke…
Greg Clarke, Adelaide Fringe 2011 Fringe Director, was appointed late last year and began working at Adelaide Fringe in February 2010. This allowed for a seamless transition between Christie Anthoney and Sandy Verschoor as they finished on a high after their four years as Fringe Director and CEO respectively.
Born in Blackwood, Greg has been working in Sydney for the past 20 years as Manager at Belvoir St Theatre, running his own arts company and Senior Producer at Sydney Opera House. More recently he was Head of Events with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority staging large scale events including the Darling Harbour New Year’s Eve firework displays and music, dance, circus and food festivals.

Greg Clarke

Greg Clarke, Adelaide Fringe 2011 Fringe Director, was appointed late last year and began working at Adelaide Fringe in February 2010. This allowed for a seamless transition between Christie Anthoney and Sandy Verschoor as they finished on a high after their four years as Fringe Director and CEO respectively.

Born in Blackwood, Greg has been working in Sydney for the past 20 years as Manager at Belvoir St Theatre, running his own arts company and Senior Producer at Sydney Opera House. More recently he was Head of Events with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority staging large scale events including the Darling Harbour New Year’s Eve firework displays and music, dance, circus and food festivals.

What is it like it coming back to direct the Adelaide Fringe ?
It’s incredibly exciting to be back and I’m having an amazing time. Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and experiencing this years Fringe as the new  Director has been truly mind-blowing and extremely inspiring.

What experience do you bring to Adelaide Fringe?
I’ve had an fantastic 20 year career working in the in the arts and entertainment industry in Sydney.  I’ve been a festival director, producer, artist, performer, art gallery manager, night club owner and entrepreneur.  As a producer at the Sydney Opera House I presented dance, music, theatre, cabaret, and the Message Sticks Film Festival, so to be able to lead a cultural organisation that brings so many diverse art-forms together in the one big three week party really excites me.

What else is it about Adelaide Fringe that appeals to you?
It’s a massive, multi-layered arts festival with an outstanding reputation that absolutely transforms this city. I love the fact that it is constantly evolving, revealing new spaces and venues, just as it’s an open access festival exposing people to fascinating new experiences and stimulating ideas. Every art form is represented, from the visual arts to contemporary dance, music, circus, theatre, puppetry, multi-media, cabaret and comedy. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Can you tell us about some of your vision for the Adelaide Fringe?
I aim to ensure that Adelaide Fringe continues to be the pre-eminent arts event in Australia and the Asia Pacific. That it continues to attract, support and promote innovative, unique and diverse artists and events that audiences are going to be blown away by, talk about and spread the word that you just have to attend this festival no matter what.

To build new audiences and help artists sell more tickets we aim to create a central Fringe hub right in the middle of the city.  Featuring a performance stage and information and box office, artists will be able to publicly showcase and promote their work and give audiences a taste of the Fringe.

Working with a Creative Producer, we will facilitate and collaborate with local artists and Adelaide’s diverse communities in creating free public art events, installations and celebrations that will enliven the city and really set Adelaide Fringe apart from any other festival in the world.

Upcoming Adelaide Fringe Dates:
Venue Registrations – Open July 2010
Adelaide Fringe 2011 Poster Competition – Open late July/ early August 2010
Artist Registrations – Open mid August 2010
Adelaide Fringe 2011: Friday February 18 – Sunday March 13

Unlock the Adelaide Fringe Vault!


The Adelaide Fringe Vault is a collection of all Fringe activity over it’s 50 year history. From its beginnings in 1960, the Adelaide Fringe has grown to become one of the largest arts festivals in the world.

The Fringe Vault allows you to search by year, to find information on ‘that show that you know, saw in 1982′ or seek out information on Adelaide Fringe Directors and Staff. Most of all, we want to hear from you – the Fringe Vault is where you can upload your memories and comment on events which you saw or took part in.

Got any old photos of venues? Artists? Fringe Parades? We want to put them in our archive so that they can take their place in history. So get going, take a look and sign up now to unlock your Adelaide Fringe Memories!

The Fringe Vault

Adelaide Fringe Awards… Winners Announced!


Fringe Awards

Congratulations to all the Adelaide Fringe Awards Finalists and Winners!

BankSA People’s Choice Award
WINNER: Words They Make with their Mouths
Operation Mincemeat
Scaramouche Jones

Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE:development Award
WINNER: Too Far Again, Not Far Enough
Nikki Aitken Presents

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Fringe Venue Operation
WINNER: Arcade Lane
Garden of Unearthly Delights
Higher Ground
The Birdcage
The Stables
Tuxedo Cat

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Puppetry
WINNER: The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer
Sarkadi’s Budapest Marionettes
Sticks Stones Broken Bones
The Grimstones – Hatched

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Dance
WINNER: Too Far Again, Not Far Enough
Foxing Round a Story
Sketches of Blood

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Circus
WINNER: Freefall
And the Little One Said
Controlled Falling Project
Dos or Duo

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Cabaret
WINNER: Where Was I?
Die Roten Punkte – Rock!
In Search of Atlantis
Nikki Aitken Presents
The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper
When The Sex Is Gone

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Music
WINNER: C. W. Stoneking
Josh Bennett
Katie Noonan
The Adelaide Sax Pack Does the Eighties, Nineties and Naughties

Eran Svigos Award for Best Body of Work By An Individual
WINNER: Violet Cooper (The Cars That Ate Screamdance)
Sarah Beetson (”YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU EAT: Eating Disorders In Fashion”)
Emma Hack (Exotic & Native Mandala with Broadhurst Delights)
Julie Millowick (Close to Home)
Todd Romanowycz (Romy Art)
Ryan Sims (Mechanical Workshop)

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Exhibition By A Collective

WINNER: Format Festival
2010 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition
2010 Heysen Sculpture Biennial B5
Invisible Red Threads
Knitting Nancy
Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2010
Quiet Reader
Shapeshifter: City/Adelaide

BankSA Support Act Award
WINNER: When The Sex Is Gone
Foxing Round A Story
Nick Parnell – Bach to Brazil
Shapeshifter: City/Adelaide
Vigilantelope Presents Tale of the Golden Lease

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Emerging Comedian
WINNER: Granny Flaps – Opens Up
The Golden Phung
The List Operators

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Established Comedian
WINNER: Stevl Shefn and his Translator Fatima
Adam Hills – Mess Around
David O’Doherty – David O’Doh-party
Ivan Brackenbury’s Hospital Radio Roadshow
Hannah Gadsby – The Cliff Young Shuffle

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Theatre Production

WINNER: en route
a tiny chorus
Heroin(e) for Breakfast
The Event

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Theatre Performer

WINNER: David Calvitto (The Event)
Eryn Jean Norvill (a tiny chorus)
Hayley Shillito (Heroin(e) for Breakfast)
Emily Tomlins (a tiny chorus)

Spirit of the Fringe Award
The Stars behind the Stars – Adelaide Fringe Staff

We work really quickly…Incredible Timelapses


Check out these amazing timelapses by Nick Graalman

Opening Parade Timelapse

Opening Night at the Stag Timelapse

Opening Night Concert Timelapse

Amococo – Until March 14




Amococo is the amazing luminarium where you can walk through and chill out and relax. Everyone is invited, from children to adults and is wheelchair friendly. It’s open from 11am daily (closed Mondays) and we advise you to head down to Rymill Park early or on weekdays as only 80 people can be in Amococo at any one time. Closing times vary, so visit for more information.


Watch a timelapse of Amococo being inflatedin Rymill Park/Mullawirraburka (below).
Timelapse created by Nick Graalman:

Upload your pics and share with your friends on facebook:!/event.php?eid=320162794689&ref=nf

Biggest Adelaide Fringe Fan


When we asked for the Biggest Adelaide Fringe Fan, we sure got it!

Our fabulous winner, Pete, has seen 528 Fringe shows since 2000, and he has the ticket stubs to prove it (second row, right). Pete has won a $50 Gift Voucher and 2x exclusive passes to the Fringe Club.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and what a great effort. Here we feature a selection of the best.








Common People Dance Project


So you thought your opportunity to be a part of Adelaide Fringe 2010 was over?
Well you thought wrong!

Common People Dance Project

Common People Dance Project is for everyone who loves to bust a move – everywhere! Next week, head along to the rehearsals at The Birdcage to learn the dance and then wait for the music to play, it could be anywhere, at any time – Rundle Mall, Central Markets, Rymill Park but if you know the dance you’ll be prepared.

When: Monday 1 March – Friday 5 Mach, 5pm – 6pm
Where: The Ringbox, the Garden of Unearthly Delights

Bring yourself, bring your friends but most importantly BRING YOUR DANCING SHOES!!/pages/Adelaide-Australia/Adelaide-Fringe/71886813173?ref=nf

The Adelaide Fringe has landed…



We just love what happens to the city during the Adelaide Fringe. More people out and about, being delighted at the huge number of performing and visual arts events – Adelaide really comes into it’s own. And another thing’s for sure, the Fringe doesn’t want you to forget about it for the duration of the festival which is why we’re inviting you to welcome our most recently landed citizens – look up, look around but keep looking – you never know where they are going to pop up next!

Watch a timelapse video of the Astronaut installation in Victoria Square
Timelapse created by Nick Graalman.

More info on Landed!

Have you seen the Astronauts and taken photos? Upload them to facebook here:

The Random Guide to choosing an Adelaide Fringe event…


Random Guide

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the 700 DIFFERENT EVENTS on this Adelaide Fringe? Thinking, that although the pics in the Guide and on the website look snazzy, there’s still a lot to choose from? Then we’ve got a few suggestions for you!

Snakes and Ladders – Using the Fringe Guide find an event/ artist you’ve heard of and choose the next one across.

The Name Game – Choose an event which starts with the same letter as your name – Search A – Z

Pick a number – Get a friend to choose a number between 8 – 82 (pages where events appear in the Fringe Guide) and go to an event on that page.

Pick a number (Spin the Bottle Version) – Follow the steps for Pick a number. Once you have arrived on that page, grab a bottle, or the closest thing to it, and spin it. Where the bottle points, that’s where you’re going!

Random words – Type in your name, your friends name, a location e.g. Melbourne into the Keyword Search and see what comes up!

Location, Location – Check out the Adelaide Fringe Google Map to check out what venues are in your area

Tried and True – If all else fails, check out the reviews on Talk Fringe, AdelaideNow, Rip It Up, Fringe Benefits or pick up a copy of The Advertiser or The Fix.

Show your love for the Fringe and WIN!


Blue Mens TeeOlive Mens TeeMagenta Ladies TeeBlack HatKhaki HatWhite Ladies TeeBlack Womens TeeBlack Mens TeeStubby HolderButtonsLadies SingletOlive Mens Tee






…..We’re looking for the Biggest Adelaide Fringe fan…are you it?

The Deal. Show your love for the Fringe by taking a snapshot of yourself as our biggest fan, and post it up on our Facebook Fan Page. We’re looking for use of our Fringe merchandise, cool photography and a whole lot of Fringe!

What’s in it for you. The most creative entry will WIN a $50 Adelaide Fringe Gift Voucher and 2x double Season Passes to the Fringe Club – an exclusive pass-holder only haven located in Rymill Park, open 8pm nightly.

Hurry. Entries close 18th Feb.

Opening Night Line Up… Feb 19, 2010


We know that we just can’t keep our mouths shut about it but it’s because we’re just so darn excited! Check out the Adelaide Fringe Opening Night Line Up below. Tell your friends and catch the bus in to Rymill Park. Kicking off at 8.30pm on Friday Feb 19 – the 2010 Opening Night is  going to be HUGE! And don’t forget, the fifth element of the line up will be decided on Friday 5 Feb @ the SPIN OFF DJ Battle.



There is a reason why night clubs play the music they do: it’s the right tempo for dancing, it’s got hook lines you can sing along to, and a beat steady enough hypnotise. Art vs. Science not only makes the sort of music played in nightclubs; it is one of the few outfits in Australia which can actually play in night clubs – live. No laptops, no backing tracks, just drums, keyboards, synths and three sets of funky hands.

“An expression of their long immersion in the dark, seedy recesses of club-electronica”, Art vs Science breathe fresh air into the genre, with an immediate, breath-taking live show, and songs that sound pleasing, joy-inducing; as if meticulously designed, element by element, to intensify user stimulation. Art vs. Science plays, people listen. And they *understand*.

Check out:



KillaQueenz are one of the most promising Hip Hop acts coming out of Australia right now. They are renowned for their high energy shows and unrivalled dedication to the art. Hailing from Uganda and Belize, Kween G and Belizean Bombshell draw inspiration from their respective homelands to bring a fresh sound to the Australian Hip Hop scene.

The girls first met at the 2000 Olympic Games where they were individually performing and through a passion of Hip Hop music KillaQueenz was formed. Since their formation KQ have performed across the country and supported the likes of Public Enemy, South Rakkas Crew, Lady Gaga, Shapeshifter, Tha Alkaholiks, Bone Thugs N Harmony, NASA, Lucky Dube and many more.

Their live performance consists of rhymes, beat boxing, dancing and the raw energy that only KQ can deliver.  Expect the unexpected and keep it locked for KillaQueenz.

Check out: or their new clip for Double Up


The Killgirls are a 5 piece rocktronic timebomb ticking in Adelaide, South Australia. This synth heavy indie grid-rock band are gaining momentum having picked up national airplay in Australia (Triple J-Home and Hosed/Super Request) and supports for Art vs Science, End of Fashion, Bang Bang Eche, Oh Mercy!, Hercules in NY and The Bumblebeez.

“..saw these guys at Fuse Fest this year – great energy – reminded me of Midnight Juggernauts  but a hell of a lot more pumped up…” Nick Findlay, Triple J

“The Killgirls played an amazing set (supporting the Bumblebeez). Everyone rushed to the dance floor as soon as they came on and stayed there the entire performance. The front man had a real stage presence and I hope they start getting some real exposure because they have star quality.” Richard Holt, Traffik

Get ready for these home town heroes who know how to rock out!

Check out:


From the very recently smouldering, and unconfirmed ashes of Sydney sonic indie darlings Mercy Arms, comes another project with a sharp sensibility. Canvas Kites, a newly hatched three piece, sees vocalist/axeman Thom Moore swapping the brooding reverb pedal for something more akin to a sunny late-80s jangle.

Canvas Kites appear pretty damn dapper in their new skin, and are well schooled in the sounds they’re splashing round in. Look forward to seeing where the road leads these three!

Check out:

Street Dreams create box mural



Awesome artist collective Street Dreams created a live mural painting during the official 2010 Guide launch on top of the Advertiser building. The theme of the artwork was based on how Adelaide would look in 2060.

Artists included Sam Evans, Nickas, Gary Seaman, Matthew Stuckey, with Street Dreamers Tim Grisbrook, Ankle and Matt Walker.

Street Dreams will be a two day urban art festival in Adelaide Fringe 2010, running March 6 – 7. More info:

Check out more pics here, or for the full scoop, grab a copy of Adelaide Magazine’s March edition.

Furnish the Fringe!


1950s Furniture

We want to take you back in time, but we need your help. This year the Fringe crew are building a 1950s suburban backyard as part of our festivities and we are calling for donations of era-appropriate furniture. If you have any tucked away getting dusty in the shed give us a call on 8231 9031.

Photo thanks to:

Art vs Science Parlez-Vous Francais?


Play the Adelaide Fringe Opening Night Concert on Friday 19 February are Art vs Science, Killaqueenz, The Killgirls, Canvas Kites and SPIN DJ winner. Now it’s your turn to get excited…

Amococo – Architects of Air


Amococo - Photo Credit: Philippe Tabouriech

One of the biggest events to land this Adelaide Fringe will be open all festival long in Rymill Park and will be open from February 20. This will be the architectural marvel that is Amococo. A series of 86 interconnecting domes, Amococo is a labrynthine structure that will be a place to chill out and relax, while enjoying this unique landscape. Amococo will be open from February 20 – March 14, 11am – 7pm closed on Mondays. If visiting Amococo on the weekends, the Fringe will also be putting on some family entertainment in Rymill Park. So come along, bring a picnic and enjoy the Fringe in an exciting and special way.

Created by UK company, Architects of Air and presented by Adelaide Fringe and inSite Arts, Amococo.

Read about Amococo in Architecture and Design online:

Amococo also featured in the Australian Design Review:

View Amococo on the Adelaide Fringe website

Amococo-Aerial Photo Credit: Daniel Muilenburg

2010 Fringe Guide Launch


The 2010 Adelaide Fringe Guide was launched this morning on The Advertiser rooftop. Despite soaring temperatures, we were even graced by a visit from our Astro mascot. Christie Anthoney and Sandy Verschoor took care of the proceedings, despite an interruption of Christie’s full Fringe Guide rundown from the Kurruru Dancers. Check out Fringe staff below or click them for more pics on flickr.

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to pick up a copy in Saturday’s The Advertiser.

Christie-and-Astro Shauna,-Lauren-and-Miranda


Art vs. Science to play Opening Night

Amazing Sydney act Art Vs Science to Play Fringe Opening Night

Amazing Sydney act Art Vs Science to Play Fringe Opening Night

Read the full spiel at Adelaide Now…

Thanks to The Advertiser 6/1/10 for the article xx

Christmas Cheer from the Adelaide Fringe!


Merry Christmas from the Adelaide Fringe! Click the postcard to receive some Christmas Fringe Cheer.

We wish you all a fantastic festive season, stay safe and keep your eyes and ears open as we launch the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Program on Saturday 9 January.



Sneak peek at the 2010 Merch range


Sneak Peak Merch range

So everyone has that friend, who gets so excited about buying you a gift that they just can’t contain it any longer, and they simply tell you what they got you. At the Fringe, we are that friend. Which is why we thought it appropriate to share with you the awesome 2010 threads which go on sale from 9 January 2010 (along with tickets and the release of the free Fringe Guide). We can’t tell you much more (because the Fringe Gods will get cranky at us, spilling secrets and all). Only that they will be available online or from the Da Costa Arcade Venue*Tix outlet. Stoked.

Volunteers – lend us your ears


Fringe Parade Volunteers

Does the Fringe need volunteers? By crikey, we do!

Volunteers contribute to the Adelaide Fringe in a HUGE way and help out a range of events and activities. From helping out at our famous opening night parade, to hospitality assistance, to front of house for our exciting 50th anniversary installation, there is a job for everyone!

Please download the Volunteer Registration Form and return to us before January 31 if you are interested in being an Adelaide Fringe volunteer.

Download Registration form from here

This form is able to be filled in via Microsoft Word tabbing between the points.
Please then save it as: ‘(insert name)_Volunteer Registration Form’ and email this attachment back to us at:
or snail mail it over to PO Box 3242 Rundle Mall, SA 5000 or fax to 08 8100 2020.

Volunteer at Adelaide Fringe 2010 and be treated to a whole bunch of awesome stuff and rewards including:

A limited edition Fringe Volunteer t-shirt,
‘Fringe Dollars’ that can be used towards tickets to any show,
Discount on Fringe 2010 merchandise
Exclusive entry to the Fringe Club
Discount at a variety of cafes, restaurants and shop in the city

Got any questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator on

Be a part of the Adelaide Fringe 2010 Opening Parade!


Fringe Parade

Everyone loves a parade! And what’s better than loving a parade? Being in a parade!

Adelaide Fringe is calling out to community, arts, social and school groups to take part in the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Opening Night Parade on Feb 19. You’ll work with a Fringe designer to create something unique, something special, something oh so very FRINGE! And then with hundreds of other participants, you’ll walk/ dance/ jump down the parade route in front of thousands, literally thousands of other people lining the streets.

In 2009 there were 80,000 people in attendance at our Opening Night Parade – think you can handle that?

How you can participate in the 2010 Fringe Parade:
- Build a float in line with the Parade theme
- Join with an existing community group as a participant
- Volunteer to assist in the delivery of the Parade

Register your interest now:
To register you and or your organisations interest to participate in the Fringe Parade email your contact details and a short 100 word description of your organisation/ background to Ollie Black on

Adelaide Fringe 2010 – Street Theatre Commission


Adelaide Fringe Street Theatre

The Adelaide Fringe Street Theatre is seeking a South Australian street artist or collective who want the opportunity to create a new roving or static street performance.

The commission grant will contribute to the development of a new performance, which will debut at the Adelaide Fringe 2010. The copyright of the work remain with the artist/s, and it is anticipated that they will continue to develop and present the work beyond the Fringe.

More information:

We have lift off: 2010 Poster Launched!



The Adelaide Fringe 2010 Poster Launch went off on Friday November 6! Beginning at 11am, there were a few problems for guests trying to find a park due to the unprecedented interest in the Quilting and Craft Fair, also held at Adelaide Exhibition & Event Centre. Nevertheless, distinguished guests and other arts types arrived and the speeches were soon underway. After hearing from Judy Potter, Chair Adelaide Fringe, The Honourable John Hill, Minister Assisting the Premier for the Arts, Rob Chapman and Chris Ward from BankSA and Christie Anthoney, Adelaide Fringe Director, guests were then encouraged to ‘follow the light’ towards a giant glowing bubble at the rear of the huge aircraft hangar-like space.


The Bubble’s entrance was through two air-locks, however all made it through safely. Once in the Bubble, guests were treated to an aria by Opera singer Joanna McWaters. As she reached her crescendo, the front section of the space peeled away to reveal the astronaut walking towards them. The soundtrack, provided by DJ Tr!p, then announced the landing of the astronaut as a HUGE 6m poster dropped from the ceiling. There were gasps, followed by applause. Check out the video shot by PK from Rip It Up below.

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